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Australia PR Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Foreign nationals can immigrate to Australia via the Subclass 189 and Subclass 491 visas, which both grant full employment rights. The Subclass 189 visa, often known as the Skilled Independent Work Visa, is a work permit for permanent residents. Sponsorship by a relative, an employer, or an Australian State/Territory government is not necessary for the Subclass 189.

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa is also known as Subclass 491 Visa. It permits families of skilled workers to reside, work, and study in specific Australian states for a period of five years. After three years, foreign workers in this category may seek for permanent residence. Here is a comparison of Australia Subclass 189 and Australia Subclass 491 visas. Continue reading to learn about the qualifications, advantages, and prices.

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These Australia PR visa pathways attract skilled workers from all around the world. Both of these visas are classified as General Skilled Migrant (GSM) visas.

1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):

The Skilled Independent Visa is a points-tested stream, which allows them to live and work permanently in Australia. This visa is intended for employees who are not sponsored by a territory, employer, or resident family member.

The visa entitles you to

  • Live and work anywhere in Australia.
  • Become a citizen of Australia.
  • Join the government health insurance programme.
  • Sponsorship of your family for Australia PR.

2. The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 491)

The Subclass 491 visa is a transitional visa that provides permanent residency after 3 years, whereas the Subclass 189 visa is for permanent residence.

General Skilled Migration Visas

Subclass 189 & Subclass 491 Features

Permanent Skilled Independent
Subclass 189 Visa
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)
Subclass 491 Visa

The number of invitations depends upon places available in occupation and your points total

An invitation is guaranteed if sponsorship is approved by the state/territory

Permanent residence status

Provisional residence status

Full access to movement & other social benefits

Candidates have to live and work in the sponsoring state

Unconditional & unrestricted PR

Can apply for PR visa after 3 years

Medicare benefits

No medicare benefits

Free to work in any occupation Free to work in any occupation
Can take your partner along Can take your partner along
Can sponsor parents after 2 years of residence in Australia Can sponsor parents 2 years after gaining permanent visa in Australia
It is the most competitive visa, and only certain professionals can apply. Visa holders have to earn a minimum of $53,900 every year.

Point Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa?

1. Age

Only those who are under 45 and at least 18 when they get the Invitation to Apply are eligible for this visa programme.

Age Points
18-25 years 25
25-33 years 30
33-40 years 25
40-45 years 15

2. English Skills

You must have good score in English language skills measured by your PTE, TOEFL or IELTS test.

English Points
Competent 0
Proficient 10
Superior 20

3. Education

The points under education are awarded based on your highest qualification in comparison to the relevant Australian qualification.

Qualification Points
Doctorate 20
Bachelor/Master's Degree 15
Diploma 10
Award or Qualification for Skilled Occupation 10

4. Experience

Your experience can also fetch you points if it is relevant to the occupations list.

Skilled Employment Overseas

Experience Points
Less Than 3 Years 0
3-4 Years 5
5-7 Years 10
At Least 8 Years 15


Skilled Employment in Australia

Experience Points
Less Than 1 Year 0
1-2 Years 5
3-4 Years 10
5-7 Years 15
At Least 8 Years 20

5. Partner Skills

The Australian government may take into account your partner's abilities in order to provide you an extra 5 points if your partner:

  • Their age is should be under 45 years old,
  • Should be proficient in English language abilities,
  • have skills related to their nominated occupation under SOL, and
  • He/she is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
What is the Subclass 189 Visa processing time?

After you received a copy of the ITA, you have sixty days to submit an application for a visa. The Department of Immigration will begin processing the application after submission. For 75% of applications, the average time to process a visa is eight months.

What is the process for Subclass 189 Visa Applications?

The application process for a visa consists of 4 parts. Let's examine them in greater detail:

  • Step 1:
  • The occupation you want to work in must be officially evaluated by an authorised body in accordance with the occupation before it can be validated. The decision-making process by the assessing authority can take up to three months.

  • Step 2:
  • You must submit the Expression of Interest to the Department of Home Affairs in order to apply for the visa following a favourable assessment authority decision.

  • Step 3:
  • You must pay the visa cost, submit your paperwork, and undergo police and medical checks after receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

  • Step 4:
  • To activate your visa, you must enter Australia for the first time by the specified date after getting the letter.

What is the required Documents for Subclass 189 Visa?

Receiving a Subclass 189 visa requires specific documentation.

Here is a list of the paperwork needed to submit a visa application:

  • Application for Subclass 189 visa
  • two passport-sized photos in colour
  • Test results for English proficiency
  • educational credentials documentation
  • Report on skill assessment
  • employer reference letter (s) (if any)
  • certificate of police clearance record
  • Australian study requirement proof (medical check certificate) & documentation proving education (if applicable)
  • English language proof from the partner
  • evidence of one's marital status
  • any other paperwork that may be needed during the process
What is the Cost of Subclass 189 Visa?

The Skilled Independent visa cost varies based on the age of dependents included in the application.

Immigrant Fees (in AUD)
Main Applicant $4115
Partner $2055
Additional Dependent (Under 18) $1030

Other recent asked Questions

Q: 1 Why Choose the Independent Skilled Visa?

The Skilled Independent visa is made to choose from a predetermined pool of eligible foreigners who are needed in each of Australia's states.

It enables people to reside and work in the nation without needing an employer or provincial nomination or sponsorship from a relative.

Q 2: Subclass 189 A Permanent Visa?

Yes. All professionals with the abilities needed by Australia's labour market are eligible for permanent residency under the Skilled Independent Visa stream.

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