Check Application Processing Times for Saskatchewan

Current SINP processing time is 6 months this time is measured from when the complete application is received. These processing times are an average based on the past quarter (or three months).

They may not tell you precise processing times for future applications. Processing times can change at any time. The SINP's goal is to process all International Skilled Worker and Saskatchewan Experience applications within sixteen weeks.

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Please Find Below SINP Processing Time After Nomination

SINP Category Processing time in weeks
International Skilled Worker
Employment Offer 5 weeks
Occupation In-Demand 38 weeks*
Express Entry 33 weeks*
Saskatchewan Experience
Existing Work Permit 2 weeks
Health Professionals 3 weeks
International Students 3 weeks
Hospitality Workers 2 weeks
Entrepreneur and Farm
Entrepreneur Applications* 32 weeks
Entrepreneurs Nominations 8 weeks
Farmers** Not applicable

Please Note:- The above said SINP nomination processing times do not include the time awaiting additional information from applicants or time spent under program integrity review, if required. Applicants who have been requested to submit additional documentation may experience an additional 3 to 4 weeks to the posted processing times.

Can The Immigration Authorities Refuse my Application?

  • Yes, A surprisingly large number of applicants are unaware how strictly the immigration regulations are enforced and how often applications are refused or delayed due to technical errors on their application due to wrong supporting documentation. So the moral of the story is, seek the professional guidance and independent advice of a migration consultant before lodging a visa application.
  • Migration Agents help you to find the best way through the immigration maze and are highly effective in doing so. “ A doctor should do a doctors work”

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