How Do I Apply For Saskatchewan PNP?

  • Check your Saskatchewan PNP eligibility:
  • Getting to know about your Eligibility chances for Saskatchewan PNP is of utmost importance. You must be clear and confident about your eligible factors like age, educational qualification, work experience, occupation in demand, language ability, EOI draws, quota update, etc.

    Are you confused about the technicalities? The simple and easy route is getting a technical assessment Report made by technical experts for Saskatchewan PNP.

  • Gather your documents:
  • Once you are sure about your Saskatchewan PNP eligibility, prepare your essential n documents to support your Saskatchewan visa application.

    Documents are crucial in deciding your fate for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. So do make sure to arrange all of them; otherwise, you might face rejection or cancellation of your application.

    Click here to have the complete Saskatchewan (SINP) document checklist to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

  • Apply for SINP Application:
  • To apply for Saskatchewan PNP, you must submit Saskatchewan EOI; post successfully submission your Saskatchewan expression of interest, your profile will be in the Saskatchewan EOI pool for one year. Here you will be ranked as per the Saskatchewan PNP points grid; applicants with high scores within the pool of candidates will have a higher chance of being invited to apply.

    Please note, the Invitation to apply is valid for 60 days; you need to submit your documents along with the fee.

  • Saskatchewan PNP outcome:
  • Once the SINP officer receives your complete set of documents and fees, the visa officer will start assessing documents submitted by you and verify your documents, etc.

    If your assessment is found positive, you get the Saskatchewan PNP nomination approved, and now you will get an additional CRS 600 score to apply your Canada PR.

    The Saskatchewan Pre-Assessment / integrity review officer determines if the application is incomplete and the missing documents or found fraud or misleading information to claim points or increase points either intentionally or unintentionally then the Pre-Assessment Team will follow these steps:

    1. The file is closed as ineligible;
    2. The Saskatchewan office will ban you for 2-5 years to apply the Saskatchewan PNP further.
    3. Applicant credentials will be red-flagged and will be informed to CIC Canada.
    4. Canadian family members/relatives/friends will be marked ineligible to support other applications for the next five years.

Can the immigration authorities refuse my visa?

Surprisingly, many applicants are unaware of how strictly the immigration regulations are enforced and how frequently applications get refused or delayed due to technical errors on their applications due to wrong supporting documentation.

Before starting, Please find out the eligibility criteria

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