Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility Requirements 2022

To apply to Saskatchewan PNP, you need first to select the category under which you want to apply our Saskatchewan PNP.Saskatchewan has various categories and subcategories, so choose the most suitable category to apply to Saskatchewan PNP.

Please find the eligibility criteria of the most popular Saskatchewan PNP subcategories called Saskatchewan Express entry and Saskatchewan occupation in demand.

Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility criteria’s / Requirements

  • Occupation:
  • Before applying for the Saskatchewan PNP nomination program, you must check whether your profile/ occupation is listed on the Saskatchewan occupation list. Saskatchewan demand list is known as Saskatchewan occupation in demand.

    Please note some of the occupations require additional skills, qualification specialization & licensing requirements. You can talk to our Saskatchewan PNP expert before finalizing your nominated NOC code to have more insight into the SINP program. Please find the Saskatchewan occupation in demand list here

  • Education:
  • You Must have a post-secondary qualification relevant to your employment; you must submit an educational credential assessment (ECA) from a designated organization for the education obtained outside Canada.

  • Work Experience:
  • You must have a minimum of 1-year full-time paid work experience in the last ten years; you also ensure your work experience must be relevant to the NOC code you selected to apply for your Saskatchewan PNP.

  • Licensure or on Job Training:
  • Suppose your occupation is regulated in Saskatchewan, Canada. In that case, you need to apply for a Professional licensing exam or show proof of eligibility for a Licensure for your job before applying to Saskatchewan PNP.

    If you are unsure whether you require licensing status or on-the-job training, please find the regulated occupation list of Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan Points:
  • You also need to score a minimum of Saskatchewan points 60 points out of 110 on the SINP point assessment grid. These points are based on your Age, Qualification, Employment, communication skills, blood relative in Saskatchewan, job offer letter & adaptability.

    Please find a summary of Saskatchewan PNP points.

    Age 12 Points
    Education 23 points
    Work Experience 15 points
    Language proficiency (English & French) 30 points
    Close family relative in Saskatchewan 20
    Past work experience in Saskatchewan 05
    Past student experience in Saskatchewan 05
    Total 110

    Calculate your points through the Saskatchewan PNP points calculator

  • Language requirements:
  • Saskatchewan accepts both English and French language so that the applicant can opt for either one language or both.

    For English language proficiency, you have the option you can write either IELTS or CELPIP. If you are writing the IELTS exam, you need to score CLB 4 ( Listening - 4.5 Reading - 3.5 Writing - 4 Speaking – 4) And if you are writing CELPIP, you need to achieve Listening - 4 Reading - 4 Writing - 4 Speaking – 4.

    For French language proficiency again, you have a choice to write either TEF or TCF. If you choose TEF, you need to score Listening - 145 Reading - 121 Writing - 181 Speaking – 181, and if you write TCF, then the score must be Listening - 331 Reading - 342 Writing - 4 Speaking - 4.

    If you wrote IELTS and want to convert it to CLB, use our IELTS to CLB calculator

  • Settlement Fund:
  • It would be best to show that you have a minimum amount/settlement fund to support your household during your employment search in Saskatchewan post-arrival.

    The minimum amount required for your Saskatchewan PNP application is based on the number of family members. Please, you must maintain the "Minimum Funds Required" for a minimum of three months before you submit your application.

    Number of Persons in Household Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
    One person CAD 12,960
    Two members CAD 16,135
    Three members CAD 19,836
    Four members CAD 24,083
    Five members CAD 27,315
    Six members CAD 30,806

Please note Saskatchewan Nominations program criteria / SINP EOI can change at any time, so please update yourself before submitting your application. Also, please note that your application will be refused if your application is too brief or not includes all the necessary details.

Well, if you fail to meet SINP PNP requirements, you will not be able to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence under Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program at least. Therefore, for better and faster SINP chances, your primary purpose must meet the SK PNP eligibility requirements.

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