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New Zealand, the land of Kiwis, is undoubtedly the best and the safest country to study in. With a plethora of universities to study in and a responsive education system, it provides you a perfect blend of golden opportunities, multi-culture environment, stable economy and a pleasant climate for an Indian Student. Well, its picturesque beauty will make your study experience worth your expenses that you’ve incurred on getting approval of your New Zealand Study Visa.

Studying in New Zealand on a New Zealand Study Visa is affordable, however, you need to plan well-in-advance prior to applying. This country offers a safe learning environment with ample learning opportunities par excellence followed by immense support for international students. Every year, aspiring students from all across the globe be it India, Australia, South America, South East Asia and many others.

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The main thing that lures the interest of millions of students is the welcoming attitude of the New Zealand Government. Renowned for its world-class educational institutions to name a few such as Auckland College of Education (Auckland), Christchurch College of Education (Christchurch), Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington), Dunedin College of Education (Dunedin) and many more. If you want to get a high-quality education from the top colleges and universities, it’s the best time to apply for the New Zealand Student Visa.

Some of the Fun Facts About New Zealand

  • Scared of Snakes? Don’t worry! New Zealand doesn’t have any
  • For all the Cheese Lovers, there is a Good News! New Zealand produces 65 kg Cheese every year for each person!
  • New Zealand has 2 National Anthems
  • All Across the Globe, the sun rises in the country of New Zealand first
  • New Zealand has no Nuclear Power Stations
  • Women in New Zealand were the first to get right to vote
  • The father of Modern Plastic Surgery, Harold Gillies was a Kiwi.
  • Apart from English and Maori, this country has a sign language that is also called its third official language.

Top Reasons to Study in New Zealand on a Student Visa

New Zealand has become the premier choice for the international students who wish to study and take their career to great heights of success. Moreover, it is the best place to kickstart your career at affordable costs. It is emerging as the top most destination for studying, especially for the Indian students. Earning while learning is the best thing about the New Zealand student Visa that captivates the eyes of millions of students from all across the globe.

Let’s Take a Tour of the Top Reasons why New Zealand has Become the First Choice for Students.

  • Globally Ranked Universities
  • When it comes to getting the world-class education from the top universities, New Zealand never fails to be on the top. This country follows the British Education system, thereby making it easier for the Indian students to adjust easily in the new country.
  • Pedagogy Par Excellence
  • New Zealand mainly focuses on research-based training, which means that you will learn how to deal with different situations in an organized manner. Well, the pedagogy is beyond excellence that in turn will teach you how to work independently and in teams as well.
  • TheBestCountryfor PhD Scholars
  • With the best teaching systems, a PhD student enjoys additional privileges. Just apply for the New Zealand student visa, pay the same fees as everyone and work while you learn, so that you can manage your expenses easily without any further support from your family. Do We need to say more?
  • High Quality of Life
  • While living in New Zealand on a student visa, students can afford accommodation easily. Moreover, the public transport system is also the best and affordable. So, when you gain entry in this country on a New Zealand Student Visa, you enjoy a perfect combination of a high quality of living and a rich lifestyle at affordable costs.
  • A Plethora of Work Opportunities for International Students
  • With a New Zealand Student Visa, international students enjoy a plethora of work opportunities to unlock their potential. While studying there, you can easily finance your study by working. Working while learning is the best way to manage your expenses and become independent.
  • A Rich Cultural Diversity
  • Due to the rich cultural diversity, the international students are welcomed by the New Zealand society with open arms. This country is well known for its friendly people. So, it is the best place where you can study with the help of a New Zealandstudent visa. Also, this country is well known for its relaxed lifestyle and high quality of life.

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Fee-Paying New Zealand Student Visa

A fee-paying New Zealand student visa allows the students to pursue full-time courses in any of the approved universities of New Zealand. It is the best category in order to avail high-quality education along with the benefit of gaining work experience up to a period of 4 years.

Students having the fee-paying New Zealand Student Visa are eligible to pursue a full-time course in New Zealand and moreover, work there for 4 years. Every year, many students apply for this visa and take their career to great heights of success without facing any complications.

Students who are on a fee-payment student visa are eligible to work for 20 hours a week per part time, however, it all depends upon the conditions mentioned in their visa. Well, prior to applying for the New Zealand Student Visa, you are required to meet some of the requirements.

New Zealand Study Visa Requirements for an Indian Citizen

Well, in order to apply for the New Zealand Study Visa, you need to meet certain requirements set by the government of New Zealand.

  • A letter of acceptance from the university where you intend to study
  • You must be in good health and provide the evidence for the same
  • You need to have enough funds to sustain your living in New Zealand
  • You must purchase medical insurance which covers all the medical expenses during the entire course of stay in New Zealand
  • You must have the valid tickets to travel to New Zealand. Moreover, if your trip is sponsored, then you need to provide relevant evidences for that too
  • You are required to provide information regarding about the schedules holidays that you need during your course of study in New Zealand

Documents Requirement for a New Zealand Student Visa

Documents play an important role in getting hold of the New Zealand Student Visa. So, in order to study in New Zealand, you need to provide the relevant documents to the concerned authorities. The documents are:

  • You are required to submit your identity proofs at the time of applying for a New Zealand Student Visa. It includes your photograph or a certificate of identity such as a valid passport.
  • You are required to prove that you have a clean bill of health and overall a good character by submitting your medical clearance and police clearance certificate.
  • You need to prove that you have true intentions of pursuing your studies in New Zealand by submitting your evidence of your travel history and evidence of your home country where you reside.
  • You need to attach a letter of offer from your university in New Zealand specific to your course of study. It includes the name of the course, receipt of the payment of tuition fees and many more.
  • You need to make sure that you possess medical and travel insurance, covering all your medical and traveling expenses.

Want to know more about the documents required for a New Zealand Student Visa? Well, get in touch with Visa Solutions and have a clear understanding about how to get hold of all the above documents to enjoy a hassle-free process.

New Zealand Student Visa Process – A step-by-Step Process

If you want to apply for the New Zealand Student Visa, you need to follow some of the steps carefully such as:

  • Gather all Your Pertinent Documents
  • Documents are just like oxygen if you want to swim hassle-free in obtaining the New Zealand Student Visa. So, the first step is to gather all your documents mentioned above and make sure that there is no error in your documents, as even a small discrepancy can result in the rejection of the entire application.
  • Submit Your Application Online
    1. Post collecting all your documents, you are required to submit your application online along with all the documents and the fees. So, follow this next step, if you want to take advantage of the high-quality studies in New Zealand.
    2. Wait for a Decision regarding the Student Visa Approval
    3. After submitting the application form along with a perfect combination of fees and documents, you need to have patience. The authorities will review your application and will give you approval regarding the same. After all, patience gives you fruitful results. So, don’t hassle and wait for the decision regarding the New Zealand Student Visa under which you applied for.

What is the Cost to Apply for a New Zealand Student Visa?

The cost to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa is NZD $330. It is the entire application fees that you need to pay to the New Zealand Immigration authorities. Make sure that you submit a complete application form along with all the pertinent documents and ensure that there is no error, as a single error can result in the rejection of your application.

Moreover, the application fee of $330 is non-refundable. So, go through your application many times prior to submitting it.

Still Confused? Well, fill in the free online assessment form and get in touch with the best and the leading immigration experts so that you don’t face any troubles throughout the entire process of obtaining a New Zealand Student Visa.

What is the Processing Times for New Zealand Student Visa?

The New Zealand Student Visa gets processed within 3 months. So, it’s important to keep this in mind if you don’t want to face any delays in the entire process. The processing times dependupon certain factors such as complexity that exists in your application, improper documents and many more.

So, make sure you take every step carefully, right from gathering the documents to the submission of application form, so that you don’t experience unnecessary delays in the entire process.

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