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Apply for New Zealand Spouse / Partner Visa

You can apply for a New Zealand spouse visa to live there permanently if you are married to a New Zealand citizen or resident visa holder.

With the help of a New Zealand spouse visa, you can live, work, and study in New Zealand with your partner or spouse and any dependents you have for as long as you like.

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Benefits of a partner visa for New Zealand:

  • There is no upper age limit for spouse visas to New Zealand.
  • There are no IELTS requirements.
  • There is no qualification requirements or points system.
  • In New Zealand, you can live, work, study, and run a business.
  • Utilize your social security, Medicare, and health benefits.

New Zealand Spouse/Partner Visa Requirements/ Eligibility

The following criteria must be met by both you and your partner in order to apply for a New Zealand spouse visa.

  • Age:
  • When requesting a New Zealand Partner visa, both you and your sponsor partner must be at least 18 years old.

  • Partnership criteria
  • The following information is used by the New Zealand immigration officer to evaluate your relationship.

    1. How long you two have been together.
    2. How long you and your partner have shared a home.
    3. Whether you provide financial support to one another?
    4. How do you divide your financial responsibilities?
    5. How serious are you about starting a life together?
    6. Whether you and your partner share property ownership.
    7. Any children you have together, and what arrangements have you made for their upbringing?
    8. Whether you divide up the small-town errands?
    9. Whether or not others can tell that you two are dating?

  • Have an eligible sponsor:
  • Your partner must have an eligible sponsor in New Zealand,

  • Other requirements:
  • You and your spouse must both show that you and each other are in good health in order for the New Zealand partner visa to be approved.

    1. You both need to have good character.
    2. Your companion must be a citizen or resident of New Zealand.
    3. For your application to be supported, your spouse must be qualified.
    4. Before requesting a New Zealand spouse visa, you and your partner must have live together for 12 months or longer in a sincere and stable relationship.
    5. Before submitting the application, both applicants must have known and/or met each other and be at least 18 years old at the time of marriage.
    6. At the moment of marriage, both partners were at least 18 years old.
    7. Before the application was made, they were known and had met.
    8. Neither Schedule 2 of the Marriage Act of 1955 nor Schedule 2 of the Civil Union Act of 2004 of New Zealand defines them as near relations.
How to apply for New Zealand Spouse visa from India/ Zealand Partner Visa process steps

The actions listed below must be taken in order to apply for a partner or spouse visa for New Zealand.

  • Stage 1: Prepare your documentation:
  • The first step in the procedure is to gather and provide accurate, authentic documents and information, such as proof of identity, proof of your relationship with your partner, proof of your character, medical documents, proof of your dependents, etc.

  • Stage 2: Partner supports your application:
  • They must complete and sign a "Partnership Support Form for Residence" and provide all necessary documentation to support your application and show their eligibility to sponsor you.

  • Stage 3: Submit an application for a spouse or partner visa to New Zealand”
  • The applicant must fill out a "Residence Application" form during this phase. The applicant also includes copies of their personal, educational, and work records. and must only use a credit card to pay the visa application fee.

  • Stage 4: The result of the New Zealand Spouse/Partner Visa:
  • Here, the INZ authority will review your application against predetermined standards and have the materials independently verified. Let's say you can show that you meet the requirements for the designated category. If so, your application is approved, your New Zealand spouse visa is issued, and you are told to visit New Zealand within a year of the day your New Zealand partner visa was issued.

New Zealand Spouse Visa Fee

The location and method of application both affect the New Zealand spouse visa fee/charges (Online or paper-based).

The processing time for a spouse visa in New Zealand is 10 months; however individual circumstances may affect this.

You can pay your New Zealand spouse visa fee online using a Visa, MasterCard, or Union Pay credit card (only New Zealand or Australian residents or citizens)

Please note that Immigration New Zealand does not refund application fees in the event that your application is denied for any reason.

S.N. Application Type Application in NZD
1 New Zealand spouse visa fee NZ$ 2250

New Zealand Spouse Visa Processing Time

How long does it take to obtain a spouse visa for New Zealand?

The typical processing period for a New Zealand spouse visa is 8 to 10 months. Currently, 90% of applications are finished in this amount of time. However, the quality of the documents may be a factor.

  • Response time for ADR
  • The location of your application
  • An application with that number is already in the queue.

Documents requirements for New Zealand Spouse/Partner Visa

You must submit real documents and accurate information with your spouse visa application for New Zealand. Please make sure that all documents that are not in English are translated into English. Transparent and colored copies of the original papers are required.

Please be aware that it is illegal to purposefully or unintentionally provide fake documents or misleading information. As a result, your application may not only be rejected but also result in a ten-year prohibition from submitting any more applications.

Please locate the list of paperwork for the New Zealand spouse visa.

Passport: Please present the page with your personal information from your most current passport. Your signature must appear on this page.

Marriage certificate: A registered marriage certificate issued by the registrar's office is required to confirm your marital status; certifications produced by the trust or Gurudwara are not valid.

Photo: You must submit a colour photograph in passport size (35x45 mm, white background).

Character document:

Your connection to your partner:

You must show that your relationship with your sponsor or spouse is ongoing. The following supporting documents are available.

Please present your marriage license if you are married.

More proof that you and your partner are committed to each other,

You can provide the additional documents listed below as evidence of your relationship.

Finance: You can show how you and your partner share financial responsibilities.

Your household: Show proof of how you and your partner divide household responsibilities.

Commitment: Show that you are devoted to maintaining a long-term connection with one another.

Social considerations: Provide proof that your relationship is known to others.

Qualification Documents:

Qualification Documents: Although it is not on the list of requirements, it is encouraged that you submit all of your qualification credentials in order to give your application a positive impression.

Partner documents for New Zealand:

If you want to sponsor your partner, you need to present the following paperwork.

  • I.D. proof
  • Proof of residence / PR card / Citizenship
  • Bank statements and tax returns are examples of financial records.
  • Utility invoices
  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Character certificate

Please note that the following documents are normal; some may vary depending on the circumstances. Please consult our New Zealand Partner visa experts if you would like further information on case-specific document requirements.

You must submit accurate information and authentic papers with your spouse visa application for New Zealand as a visa applicant. Please make sure to get all non-English documents translated into English. Documents must be clear and coloured copies of the originals.

Please note: Be aware that providing fake documents or intentionally or unintentionally giving false and misleading information is illegal and might result in a ten-year ban from applying for any type of application.

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