What Is The Best IELTS Test Score Required For Canada PR Visa Applications?

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IELTS is one of the commonly recognized educational tests that can be used to measure an applicant's English proficiency. Use a 9-band scale to identify levels of language influence. There are two types of IELTS tests, Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS.

There are four different modules or sections that test your English proficiency. they are:

  • read
  • Write
  • listen
  • Speak

What is the minimum IELTS band score required for permanent residency in Canada?

Canada has emerged as an ideal choice for immigrants due to its high quality of life. Having the IELTS PR Canada application is important, but the minimum score varies from program to program.

Canada PR Points Calculator

A glance at IELTS requirements for express entry under each category:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

For English-speaking foreign professionals:

No points will be awarded for achieving CLB 4 or below. Achieving CLB 10 or higher will give you a maximum score of 34 or 32 (if married).

If English is a second language, 4 points are achieved if per section requirements are met.


Minimum level for all four abilities





2. Canadian experience class:

For National Occupational Classification (NOC), the bare minimum language needed is CLB 7. For NOC B jobs, the requirement is CLB 5. These are important language requirements for Canadian immigrants.

NOC skill type or level

Minimum level for all four language abilities (English)

Minimum level for all four language abilities (French)

NOC 0 or A






How much is the IELTS test fee?

 An accredited organization administers the test on set dates and the candidate can pay a nominal fee of INR 15,500 to take her IELTS exam.

How long does it take to get the IELTS result?

A paper copy of your IELTS test results, the Test Report Form (TRF), will be emailed to you 13 days after the test date for paper-based tests and 3-5 days for online tests.

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