Express Entry To Resume Working On The Same Draw Sizes Before The Pandemic.

Published on : Thu, Jun 02 2022     174

According to an IRCC memo, when all-program drawings begin in July, Express Entry draw sizes will be similar to those before the pandemic.

According to an internal briefing memo obtained through an access to information request, when all-program Express Entry draws resume in July, the number of invitations could mirror pre-pandemic figures.

Despite the fact that the expected number of invites issued in each round was redacted, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) memo stated that the draw size would be similar to the average number of invitations issued prior to the epidemic.

Prior to March 18, all-program draws in 2020 ranged from 3,400 to 4,500 people. All-program draws in 2019 ranged from 3,200 to 3,900.

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According to the document, which was sent on March 28, keeping the freeze in place until the end of June will allow IRCC to review new applications in six months. IRCC will be able to reach its admissions targets for 2022 based on the present inventory of Express Entry applications. However, in order to satisfy the 2023 deadlines, invitation rounds must resume between July and September.

What impact did the pandemic have on Express Entry?

Prior to the epidemic, IRCC would send out invitations to Express Entry candidates from all programs every two weeks to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Only on rare occasions were program-specific draws held.

That was before the pandemic. When the border closed in March 2020, IRCC decided to perform program-specific draws instead. Only Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates were invited to apply during the first few months of the pandemic.

In order to reach its record-breaking Canada immigration targets despite travel limitations, IRCC proceeded to arrange draws for these candidates. Because CEC candidates were less likely to be affected by travel restrictions because they were already in Canada, IRCC continued to arrange draws for them. Because of the federal government's commitment to supporting provincial immigration targets, PNP candidates were invited. Candidates for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) were left out since a considerable number of them are from other countries and were unable to enter Canada due to travel limitations.

In July 2020, IRCC began all-program draws, which included FSWP candidates, but ceased in December 2020 and has not staged another draw inviting FSWP candidates since.

The government established the Temporary Residence to Canada Permanent Residence (TR2PR) initiative in May 2021 with the goal of bringing 90,000 new permanent residents to Canada. As a result of this endeavor, IRCC resources were diverted to the new priority, thereby compounding the backlog in immigration applications for Express Entry-managed programs. 

Then, in September 2021, IRCC ceased welcoming CEC candidates because it couldn't guarantee that 80 percent of applicants would be processed in six months, as is the service standard for Express Entry-managed programs. The IRCC was able to focus its efforts on processing the existing backlog by pausing Invitations to Apply (ITAs). According to the memo, between September and February, IRCC reduced the Express Entry backlog by 50,000 people.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said in April that FSWP and CEC Express Entry draws would restart in July. IRCC's service standard for new Express Entry applicants is likely to be restored to six months by this time.

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